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Asian Food

Orchard Hotel Singapore

Hua Ting

Tel: 6739 6666

Experience the artistry of fine Cantonese dining with our refreshed menu featuring Braised Superior Bird’s Nest with Fresh Crab Claw, Chilled Marinated Foie Gras with Chinese Rice Wine, Double-boiled ‘Buddha Jumps Over The Wall’ with Superior Bird’s Nest, South African Abalone and Sea Treasures, Crispy Stuffed Duck with Glutinous Rice, Wild Mushrooms and Fermented Garlic, and more.

A celebrated stalwart in the Chinese fine dining scene for over two decades. Hua Ting Restaurant, a top Cantonese restaurant in Singapore offers a delectable Chinese fine dining experience in Singapore. Set in a brand new sophisticated space, Hua Ting’s team of accomplished chefs led by Hong Kong Masterchef Lap Fai continues to innovate new signature dishes while keeping with its enduring tradition of serving authentic Cantonese classics.

Savour new signatures that showcase a palette of flavours including Chilled Marinated South African Baby Abalone with Japanese Sake, Double-boiled Chicken Soup with Sea Whelk, Spike Sea Cucumber and Organic Black Garlic, Steamed Fresh Crab Claw with Egg White, Spring Onion and Ginger Puree and Baked Empress Chicken Drumstick, Abalone, Fungus and Chinese Herbs

Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel Singapore

Grand Shanghai

Tel: 6836 6866

Grand Shanghai’s new menu is a celebration of the freshest and finest ingredients, seasonal produce and layered, complex flavours.

Copthorne King’s Hotel Singapore

Tien Court Restaurant

Tel: 6318 3193/98


Let Hong Kong’s award-winning Masterchef Lui whisk you away to a refined culinary journey that embraces the distinctive natural flavours of Teochew and Cantonese cuisines. Embracing the clean and natural flavour of Teochew cuisines, Masterchef Lui keeps the tradition alive, bringing forth the taste of freshness in each ingredient used in his dishes. Delight in a repertoire of Dim Sum intrigued with the Cantonese-Teochew flavours, and indulge in hearty dishes like the Teochew 'Puning' Fermented Bean Chicken, Teochew Poached Crispy Rice, Teochew-style Chilled Crab, Oyster Omelette, Braised 6-head Abalone with Goose Web, and more!